HouseHold Tasks

To help people live Worry Free. We provide all round Hosehold tasks assistance such as Meal preparation, groceries delivery, house or yard maintenance, cleaning and laundry.

Daily Personal Activities

To help people to live as autonomously as possible – such as personal hygiene, dressing, medication assistance; financial Management, communication skills and lifestyle mentoring

Daily Personal Activities (High Intensity)

To help people with more complex needs to live as autonomously as possible - supports are provided by personnel with additional experience/qualification.

For Group or Shared Living Arrangements

We also provide services and assistance with Daily Tasks in a Group or Shared Living arrangements to help individuals to live as autonomously as possible.

Therapeutic Supports

We support to build people’s physical and mental health in order for them to move with optimal mobility and interact with enhanced confidence and interpersonal skills.

Innovative Community Participation

We help people in our care to be included in the activities outside the scope of ‘Participation in the Community.’