Help With HouseHold Tasks

✅ Meal preparation

✅ Grocery delivery

✅ House or Yard Maintenance

✅ Cleaning and laundry

Daily Personal Activities

✅ Personal Hygiene

✅ Medication

✅ Communication Skills

✅ Lifestyle Mentoring

Developing Life Skills

✅ Training Personal Hygiene

✅ Training to use Public Transport

✅ Planning for Healthy Eating

✅ Behavioural Guidance

Support Coordination

✅ Understanding & Maximising NDIS Plan

✅ Connecting to High Quality Providers as per requirement

✅ Help With Plan Review & Renewal

Community Access/ Travel Assistance

✅ Assistance with Attending Community or Social Events

✅ Help attending Events & Appointments

✅ Assistance in Grocery Shopping

Psychological Recovery Coaching

✅ Explore Factors & design recovery plan affecting your Mental Health

✅ Ensuring service to implement the Recovery Plan

✅ Track Progress of Recovery Plan