More than A Community Group

For The People with Different Abilities

For The People with Different Abilities

Our Services

Help With HouseHold Tasks

✅ Meal preparation

✅ Grocery delivery

✅ House or Yard Maintenance

✅ Cleaning and laundry

Daily Personal Activities

✅ Personal Hygiene

✅ Medication

✅ Communication Skills

✅ Lifestyle Mentoring

Developing Life Skills

✅ Training Personal Hygiene

✅ Training to use Public Transport

✅ Planning for Healthy Eating

✅ Behavioural Guidance

Support Coordination

✅ Understanding & Maximising NDIS Plan

✅ Connecting to High Quality Providers as per requirement

✅ Help With Plan Review & Renewal

Community Access/ Travel Assistance

✅ Assistance with Attending Community or Social Events

✅ Help attending Events & Appointments

✅ Assistance in Grocery Shopping

Psychological Recovery Coaching

✅ Explore Factors & design recovery plan affecting your Mental Health

✅ Ensuring service to implement the Recovery Plan

✅ Track Progress of Recovery Plan

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Why Choose Dy Community Group

Our Primary goal is to make each of our participant’s lives easier, fairer and more involved by participating within their own communities

We do provide Customisable and Personalised Plans to Suit your needs.

We have a Team of Highly Experienced & Qualified People.

Our support workers and participants are from different types of diversities and culture